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Im Bri, and this is just a place for all my drawings.

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Crappy base colors. Random: has anyone seen any of the concept art for Sunset Overdrive? I can’t even. It’s all so amazing! 👾💕💻🎮

We finally started our figure/gesture drawing and it was really relaxing.

New baby since my old one took a dump on me. Spent the last few days reinstalling EVERYTHING! RIP to all the unsaved files on my old one🎈💻


Disney’s Master Teachers: Life Drawing For Animation at WonderCon 2014

Uugghh I haven’t been active because last week I started my fall semester and the first week is pretty hectic. Then my computer took a dump on me. But I got a new laptop so I’ve been reinstalling all the software I need. And I’ve also been looking further into opening my online shop. But it looks like I’ve finally caught up my computer so I can go back to drawing \(T*T)/

Hugs are needed through this slightly stressful time *looks for hand to hold*.

Omg 4”x 6” prints!!! The only thing I have to do is decide on what platform to sell my prints on. Does anyone have any opinions on a good website to open up shop? I’m more interested in how much the website will claim from every sale I make or how much they charge for posting each item. Any thoughts?

DONE! i really want to make prints of this one. but for now, time for bed.

heres my drawr account [X]

My first drawing on drawr. My ID is bloveills.

It’s fall semester which means more art classes! Which also means I’ll have quite a bit to update my blog with and a legit excuse to spend the majority of my time drawing. I’m really excited that I’ll be taking a gesture class which will inspire new and accurate posses for my drawings. It all begins Tuesday!

I’m really excited for these 2! the only COD that I’ve ever been interested in, and I love the design of SO💕💦 pretty tempted to do some fanart of SO.