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Briana A.

illustration major/ Digital art/ 2D Design

Im Bri, and this is just a place for all my drawings. feel free to message me or click on the links for more info.

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I’m really excited for my figure drawing class next semester. I have a bit of trouble trying to think of new and elaborate poses, so this class will be a great opportunity to use those sketches as references.

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my ass just got excited because i found that my school sells white gell pens. its the little things that make my day i tell you hwaaat!

babes and sweets! i was going to trash this but i thought i’d keep at it and see how it turns out. 
so i sprained my foot and pretty much have to stay off it, which meant a whole day of doodling. plus i need to update with completed drawings. 
i just finished this. this is my first time adding a background/foreground and i’m pretty pleased with it. i still need practice on depth and perspective.
Update on one of my drawings!!! Progress. Really trying to put a lot into my drawings.
I think these 3 were my favorite cosplayers. There’s more pictures on my Instagram: gipsi_danger
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I’m really trying to get in the habit of adding backgrounds to my drawings. So here’s a WIP. Hopefully I can finish today.
I really hate posting WIP’s, only cause I feel like I post more progress pics than I post of final pieces. But for the sake of not having posted anything, here you go.